#01: What are the sources used for these charts?

There are several sources involved. Popular Japanese gaming magazines (Gamest and Arcadia), Japanese ST wikis (T. Akiba, GameDB, Huekie Saver), USA ST Websites (STRevival, Nohoho), etc

#02: Does matchup data really matter? Isn't it all based on player skills?

Matchup data are only a theoretical reference of the balance of the match at the highest level of play. In practice, there are infinite factors that will decide the outcome of the match. If you are not interested in such references then this site is not for you.

#03: I disagree with the numbers given for a specific matchup. Does it matter?

The best case scenario is that you do some research of why other players think differently, debate it and learn more about the match. Numbers differ (sometimes by more than 2 points) when asked different players from different regions. Sometimes numbers even differ when asked the same player after few years. That's why we provide average data when possible.

#04: I still think it's all wrong

Ok. Good for you.

#05: What is this 'refactoring' of the numbers I have seen in the menus? How has the average been calculated?

When data is provided by the players the numbers are usually refactored so the data from the opponent characters are taken into account. For instance, in the Ryu vs. Zangief matchup an average is calculated between the numbers provided by the Ryu players and the numbers provided by the Zangief players. In some charts, we added an option to disable this refactoring 'Show numbers without refactoring' so only the Ryu numbers are taken into account in the given row.

#06: How are numbers rounded in the charts?

As silly as it sounds, this was the most complicated part. We ended up using a custom variation of the 'Round half away from zero' so that the resulting number of an average had to be between .26 and .74 to round to .5; there is also a 'round numbers' option in some charts that oversimplify the numbers by using a floor rounding method.

#07: I'm a commentator. I will use these charts as a reference in the next tournament.