#01: Why is it called MAO Database? Who is MAO?

MAO is one of the strongest players in the game. He is from Japan. You can find more information about the strongest players in Japan in the legends section. He is also in charge of the weekly team tournaments at Nagoya (Space Shuttle arcade) on Fridays. He is helping Goukipedia to add video content to this section.

#02: What type of videos are posted here?

On a regular basis MAO posts matches that are FT5 (first to five) between two players. You can search the content by character, player name or see the most recent uploads.

#03: Are you going to include footage from other arcades in Japan?

We are going to limit the content from one source for now. It's important to make sure that the content will be always available in the future. But we don't rule out to include other stable sources if it makes sense later on. You can also check other video databases at GSV db and Street Fighter Dojo.