#01: Where did you get these cards?

Bandai has released these type of cards for many franchises like Dragon Ball or Pokemon. They are alson known as Carddass. There are sets of cards not only for Street Fighter 2 but also for Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter Zero (or Alpha), Street Fighter II V (the anime), Street Fighter II The Movie, etc. Here we only show the ones for the 5 arcade versions of Street Fighter II plus the ones from Street Fighter II The Movie.

The cards shown here were released between 1992 and 1994. It's difficult and expensive to find the full collection nowadays but one can seach in the usual places for collectibles like eBay or Yahoo Auctions.

#01: What are the points (HP) shown in some cards?

No idea. They represent the strength of a move or character in some way but we haven't found an explanation of how to use those in some sort of card game.

#01: Do you have translations of the text in the cards?

#01: Some scenes from the cards sound familiar?

#01: What is the style of the drawings?

#01: Are the moves represented in the cards from the actual game?

#01: Some cards of the ssf2 movie set have the ssf2x logo in them?

#01: Where there any special cards?

As said in the previous question it's way easier to know who the strong players are in the US or Europe. A good list that names both old school and new school players in the US are the two posters of the Tournaments of Legends

Probably the best picks for a short summary of the US players would be John Choi, Mike Watson and Alex Valle as the most known old school players and Afrolegends and Damdai as the two top players of the recent years. Top players in Europe can be seen in the footage of any X-Mania Europe.